Friday, June 19, 2009


i'm still feeling a little bit of pain from the stitches (that were already removed two days ago)
it feels like I would never really open my mouth like I used to! haha
not really, i love drama
well, it's time for me to watch some tv, i will be back later (maybe updating this post)

special thanks to sarah and poly
the only readers of this anyway, haha


so, i just had dinner. GUESS WHAT I WAS EATING? hahaha
PIZZA :DDDDD yay, it has been like 3 months or so since I last ate it
anyway, now I have a headache wich is making me really moody (how surprising huh?)
Erica is here to discuss about the big family party we are having in a few days (i think so?)
I hate parties, im such a bad hoster (fuck it, idk how to spell that)
I propably won't be able to drink at the day so I will just be in my room doing nothing
I have a lot of photos to develop but I can't get out of my house, the doctor said I can't till I'm feeling completely fine (and I'm not that good yet) awww, that's so stressful

listening to the P.S I Love You Soundtrack

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  1. meu nome nem combina com o inglês...

    you back! *-*