Monday, June 8, 2009

bigger than love - my favorite highway

“Some people change and some just won’t. You can’t take back the words you wish you’d never said. Promises break and lovers will lie. You hold up your hands and let out a sigh. So smile right before you fall and lay beside this mess and call it consequence. Somebody said that life isn’t fair when somebody else was saying a prayer. Nothing’s bigger than love. All you need, all you need is love. No one’s taking me out and nothing’s pulling me down. I turn my head to the crowd. This love is big and it’s loud. This is the car in the crash. This is the light in the flash. This is the answers you know, but you’re just too scared ask. If there’s a hole your heart, you gotta pull it together. It takes the courage to start, but now is better than never. It takes a push and a shove. Somehow it’s never enough.”

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