Saturday, September 12, 2009

today was not a good day

I feel really unpleasant with my blog's layout lately. I actually have been trying to change it a bit, it was worth it a try but I gave up. It will still look like this for a long while now.
I'm really into writing things tonight but I guess it will take me a long time to type everything is going on my mind and I am a lazy person (as y'all prolly should know already)

I miss taking pictures, sometimes I wish I had model friends so I could ask them to model for me and I could finally get some good photos after all. I hate my photos, they are boring and ugly
I'm sorry my posts are completely non-sense, at the moment I'm pretty much waiting for Nick Hits @ Nickelodeon, it's pretty funny to watch all those toons you used to see when you were a child, such as Invader Zim, Rocket Power, Hey! Arnold and etc.

I miss Grey's Anatomy and Skins, I can't wait to see the new series and I'm dying to know what really happened to George and Izzie, I mean, I'M SURE THEY ARE NOT DEAD, they can't be or the whole thing would be just pointless. I miss Meredith's crap, you know, she suffers from a broken heart, she is a broken and messy person. just like me

look at this post, it's long. see that? that's why I never ever write about things related to my day

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