Sunday, March 14, 2010



Today i got a text from my boyfriend instructing me to go into my bedroom for 15 minutes.
When he text me to come out again, i walked into a flood of pink balloons.
He told me he'd blown up all 730 of them by himself -- one for each day I've fought cancer.

His amazing soul GMH.


I'm 17 and I tutor/babysit a 7th grader. One day he asked me why I didn't have a boyfriend.
I told him I didn't know. He replied, "It's because you're too pretty and too nice. No boy deserves you."

This 12 year old GMH.


A young boy walked proudly into the restaurant that i wait tables on with his grandmother,
ordered two seats and clumsily carried his grandmothers purse for her to their table.

When i asked him what the special occasion was, he smiled and said
"It's my grandma's birthday and since grandpa is in heaven, I'm her date!"

Loving children GMH.


When I was 13, a bunch of girls decided to lock me into the gardening house.
Little did they know the sprinklers poured down, drowning me, leaving me scared, wet and crying.
A boy punched through the glass and carried me to the school nurse, even with a bleeding, broken hand.

My now-husband's courage GMH


This morning I was working in the hospital with children who have terminal diseases.
We were decorating masks. A six year old boy, dying of neuroblastoma, wrote on his mask
"Save Haiti - They need help"

His ability to see the world beyond his own disease GMH


My dad would always start out conversations with "Do you have a girlfriend yet?"
After laughing and saying no hundreds of times I finally found the courage to tell him I was gay.
After a long silence and a stressed out face or two, he calmy said, "Oh. Well.... Do you have a boyfriend yet?"

His fair love GMH.


My husband is deployed and I am 2 weeks in of being a 'single' mom of 2.
I was in the bathroom having a cry, since I refuse to let my kids see me upset.
I walked out and my 3yr old hugged my legs, looked up at me, and said "I miss daddy too... We can cry together."

My 'baby's' love for me and his Dad GMH


4 years ago my best friend died due to gang violence. He wasn't part of a gang; I was. He saved my life.
At his funeral his mother came up to me. Rather then blaming me, she told me she thought I had a lot of potential.
I now live a violence free life and I'm in college.

My best friend Carlito GMH


Two years ago, I took my 21 year old mentally slow cousin to Disneyland.

When we went to meet the Princesses, without a moments hesitation Cinderella
went up to her and said, "Oh, it's so lovely to meet another princess!"

My cousin still talks about that to this day. Cinderella GMH.


The other day, my mother noticed my little sister was taking two snacks to school, so she asked her why.
My 11 year old sister said that her friend's dad had lost his job, and couldn't afford to send her a snack everyday.

She was taking double the snack so her friend wouldn't be made fun of at snack time GHM.


About a year ago,I had a party at my house.
I was a little nervous about having people come over because my younger brother has autism and bipolar mania.
When my little brother wanted to come in to tell my friends about Pokemon,all the others told him to leave.
Then my best friend stood up and took him to another room to talk about Pokemon. She GMH.


My little sister Lilly was abducted.
She had been gone for 6 months when the searching stopped. My mother laid her soul to rest, and we went on with our lives.
Everyone except my father. He looked for 3 years and found her almost lifeless in a downstairs cellar, wearing chains.

The fact that he never gave up on her GMH.

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